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pin_drop (private server)

Hey fellow Minecrafters,

we are small community of modded minecraft players, who have recently set up a server running the Infinity Evolved mod pack. We've decided we wanted to open it up for a select few people to share some of the fun we are having on it at the moment!

The server is private as we dont want to be messing around with grief plugins and so on, This server will pretty much just be basic apart from running galacticraft which i added in sometime ago. The community consist of players who have played together for sometime now, whether it's minecraft or other games so there is a lot of trust between us.

Server Specs (For Those Who Are Interested)
I7 6700k @4.2ghz
Gigabyte Z170 k3
16gb DDR4 2400mhz Ram
120gb SSD
430 watt Corsair Psu

So if you like the sound of our little modded server then by all means leave a application below.

Here's what we would like to know about you:

Minecraft username:
IR Age
Why do you want to join
Why should we pick you over someone else
What other games you play? as we play a lot of other games too and you are welcome to join us if we like you enough :)
What would you prefer normal or expert difficulty?
Side Note: I will be sorting out the server tonight with the white list and i will add a guide on how to install galacticraft so you successful candidates can join the server :) look forward to reviewing some applications :) happy minecrafting peeps!

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