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Nexus Servers

Nexus Servers | FTB Beyond | The New Frontier |


Hello! We are a new professionally managed server looking for active players. We offer servers with extremely low/zero lag and 24/7 uptime. Currently we are hosting FTB Beyond and The New Frontier, both of these servers are running Sponge and some QOL plugins. You are required to join the discord to get into the server.



About the servers:

24/7: We are serious about this, the server is inside a datacenter not a house, it includes DDOS protection and has been setup so the minecraft servers automatically reboot themselves if they crash or the dedicated server itself crashes.

Auto restarts: Servers are rebooted every 12 hours to purge data that no longer needs to be loaded.

Banned Items: There is currently no banned items, items will only be banned if major issues are found with them (duping or causing server lag/crashing.)

Backups: 2 days of backups are kept and created every 2 hours, this will change when I get around to setting up synchronization to my unlimited cloud storage server so backups will be kept indefinitely.

Pregeneration: Laggy dimensions are pregenerated so players can explore as much as they want without causing any lag.

Commands: QOL commands like /tpa, /back and /home are enabled, these have a cooldown to prevent abuse. A full list for the server will be in discord.


Whitelist Application:

There is none, this server is currently testing self white-listing through discord. For more information join here:


Server Info:

Located in Montreal, Quebec

i7 6700k


480GB Samsung Enterprise tier SSD

the discord invite link is broken
Posted 1st Oct 2017