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Goreacraft Revelation

Goreacraft Revelation


Welcome to Goreacraft's Revelation PvP!
Version: Recommended, 2.5.0

--------------Map Reset on August 10th--------------

Join us on our journey as we explore and delve into modded PvP. Play around with your favourite mods but this time with the twist of dealing with not only the hostile environment of mobs, but also players. Not really into the whole PvP scenario? Don't worry we also have you covered.

We pride ourselves in trying to find the best possible experience to further enrich the server and making the community a real home to stay and be comfortable. We encourage everyone to use Discord, the forums and chat with others!

Still have unanswered questions. Don't be afraid to ask one of our staff members, we are always available through Discord or the shoutbox on our website.

As you enter our server we ask that you check /rules and /banneditems. We have just released revelations so please be patient with us and as always suggest an idea.

We hope you enjoy your stay on our server! See you soon.

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