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Legit Craft | PVP | Towny | MCMMO | No Lag | Seem'


Legit Craft --- Seems Legit!

Mindcrack 8.1.0 FTB Server
20GB Ram | Intel XEON Core | Debian 7.0 | 100MBPs Latency | RAID 0 Storage
120 Slots | Dedicated Server (Our Very Own :D) | Experienced Admins

Legitcraft presented to you by our team of admins:

Co Owner:
A Guy:

1) Only grief/steal from unprotected areas
2) Keep swearing to a minimum
3) No abusing portal guns
4) Respect all players
5) No abusing glitches, dupes or hacking
6) No spawn killing and bed killing
7) Don’t bed for ranks and items
8) No drop parties without admin permission
9) Scamming is allowed, don’t complain if your ripped off
10) Don’t spam chat or post links to over PG rated material
LegitCraft runs on 20gb of ram of our 32gb dedicated server. We use an intel xeon E3 quad core. The server is on 2x2tb sata 3 harddrives. The home OS in raid 1 and the server stored in raid 0.

The server is largely community based and very friendly. We have nice players and staff to help you with problems with may have and to guide you through the feed the beast mindcrack mod pack. The server uses Towny to give communities a good base to build on and build a big empire of ftb players and create a thriving economy. Our staff are mostly experienced in the mudpack and will be able to help you if you get stuck building and making machines in the mod pack. So come and play. We also have McMMO to allow you to train your skills and compete with your friends (Some skills may not work). Our server is monitored by experienced minecraft players.

FTB: Mindcrack 8.1.0

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