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VectorCraft is a professionally ran and hosted by VectorGaming. VectorGaming has a small but growing minecraft community. They have 3 DayZ Servers already and are bringing their experience to the Feed the Beast community to provide players with a quality server.

We personally believe in trying to fix a problem rather then banning anything to do with it.

We believe that normal FTB Unleashed is too simple. So we modified our server to include GregTech. That means that normal every day items are harder to make.

As the server grows we are readily adapting and add new features to the server, all whilst trying to optimise and reduce lag as much as possible.

Now Running on a 8GB Fully Dedicated Server! But thats not all it can handle. Since it is Dedicated we can grow the server to 32GB. This means as the server grows there will be no lag ever.


Player maket

Donor ranks

Greif prevention

Professional Staff

Lag Free!


Grief Prevention (player claims)

Roll Backs

Ticket System

We would love for you to pop in and say hi.



Our modded FTB:

Owners: Redrum, Grim, Fullaholes, Rocky

Admins: Moodman, Cotton aka Bumpit

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