This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Craftlabs Unleashed FTB 1.1.6 WITH ALL MODS ENABLE


A new FTB Unleashed server with a good community and respectable staff (Looking for Mature Staff), with a variety of plugins for you to use and I will gladly accept ideas for new plugins just ask me.

-Rules 1. NO GRIEFING If you are caught you will be banned instantly

  1. NO CHEATING if you know a glitch dont be dumb and exploit it i will find out
    3.NO STEALING this is a community server if you need something just ask around and if you cant get it we will try to help
  2. Above all USE YOUR COMMON SENSE you all have it

-Plugins [Essentials][GriefPrevention][AutoRestart][AutoSave][Payday][BOSEeconomy][GroupManager]

We also have a teamspeak server on the same ip as the server but without the :9001 port

If you are having problems joining the server be sure you are on version 1.1.4 and have all the extra mods enabled or it will auto kick you when you join and say you need the right versions of the mods.

To see if you have all of the mods enabled look at the top bar where the tabs are and make sure your on the modpack tab. Then look to the right and find the edit modpack button, click it then if there are any mods on the right that arent enabled, enable them. Then relaunch and have fun on the server.

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