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Hello there, we are a new server trying to improve everyday and adding something new each week! we are very busy trying to optimize the uses of Monster and fixing issues all round! we try to ban very few items and only ban the ones that are absolutely neccesary!

This is a NON-grief server and if you get griefed it will all nicely get rolled back for you however we do give you options to prevent it such as towny or griefprevention all up to you!

If you just get bored we have various minigames that can give you cash and rewards! or just for straightup fun with your friends. We also have a shop that we try to expand every week to eventually add the majority of items in the shop that the modpack has to offer so if you have the cash you can just buy it straight off the bat without having to do with all those annoying crafting recipes!

PVP is NO-GO in our server you may only pvp outside the overworld. nowhere else. so if you don't want to die i say stay in the overworld and gear up!

Creepers griefed my land! ... no worries we disabled those pesky creeper explosions but they still do damage to you though! however you won't lose any machinery fortunately!

Server specs:

Currently we are adjusting to our playersize so we will upgrade as we go assuring you have a 20 tps stability at all time. Don't know what that means? basicly it means it plays as smooth as singleplayer! every block just drops off immediately and players walk around without teleporting around the place! No lag whatsoever!

We are 24/7 so no worries bout downtime unless maintenance but that we only do when absolutely neccesary!

Feel like i missed something or... do you like the sound of this then come and check it out for yourself and tell your friends!

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