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SinceAlpha's FTB Infinity Evolved 2.6.0

pin_drop (private server)

Hello I am Kody24, I am hosting a 24/7 FTB server for Infinity Evolved it will be up 99% of the time other 1% will be updates or fixing it if it crashes the server is hosted in Denver but im West coast and there is no problem with latency so far. You are welcome to come and join just send me a application through my website. I have one rule "Don't be a dick" as long as you follow that(which includes but is not limited to); xray, RDM, ext. RDM: Random DeathMatch. random killing. No items banned PvE: no theft, no cheating PvP: If BOTH partys accept. My background: I have been working with minecraft/servers for 4-5 years now. VPS Specs: Intel Xeon e5-2690 SSD 1TB Ram 8GB

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