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CUBEaLibre Tech Server (1.7.10)


We are running a light version of Techworld2, with all the cool mods like Industrialcraft, Buildcraft, Railcraft and ForgeEssentials as a small economy mod. This enables you to trade with other players or run your own shop.
No grief, no duties, just reserve your property and build on your own or start and join big projects with other community members.

As we are tech guys, we like automation and machines instead of mining with pickaxes in dark mines. With your start money you are able to build your first Quarry in no time!

We just passed the beta phase of the server and are launching it now for public (February 2016). So be one of the first in our small community. The only thing you'll have to do is register at with your playername for whitelisting.

The server is running in a virtual environment with plenty of power. As well we are updating the mods regularly to supply you with the newest features.

Some of the mods are:

Advanced Solar Panels
Applied Energistics
Chicken Chunks
Gregs Lighting

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