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Hey People, Come Join My New Ftb Infinity Evolved Server. We Have Lots Of Things To Make Your Time On Our Server Fun And Easy;

No Money Ranks - We Don't Believe In Making People Pay For Ranks. You Rank Up By Time Online Or By Buying The Ranks With In Game Money.

Starter Kit - Get A Starter Kit When You Join, Full Of Useful Items That Will Help You Become Op A Lot Quicker.

Protect Your Area - Protect Your Area With A Golden Shovel, Start Off With 1000 Claim Blocks And Get More By Voting. You Can Sell Or Buy Claim Blocks For $1 Each.

Mining World - We Have A World Just For Mining And Quarries So That You Don't Have To Have Your Base Over Where Someone Has Mined In The Past.

Enchantment Area - We Have An Area Just For Enchanting And Repairing. Get To This Area By Doing /Warp Enchant.

Unlimited Lava - Use A White, White, White Ender Tank And It Will Never Be Empty. This Is Very Useful For Starter Power.

Chunk Loaders - We Have Chunk Loaders Enabled...They Are Called Personal Anchors And Are Part Of Railcraft. One Enderpearl Will Power It For Twelve Hours. The Recipe Is Disabled By Default, So When Crafting, The Nei Won't Show You The Recipe, However You Can Do /Warp Recipe To Show This And Other Unknown Recipes.

SoulSand World - We Have A Word Full Of SoulSand So That When You Have Wither Skeleton Spawners And Want To Spawn Withers You Can Simply Use This World. This World Is Only Accessible To Ward Rank And Above.

So Here Is All The Info You Will Need;

Server Name: Legends.

Server Ip: Play.McLegends.Uk.

Modpack: Ftb Infinity Evolved.

Version: 2.5.0.

Website: www.McLegends.Uk.

Email: Mc@McLegends.Uk.

Instagram: McLegends.Uk

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