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Public Direwolf

Public Direwolf20 1.18 server!

grade flare

Welcome, traveller!

Wanting to play the Direwolf20 1.18 modpack but don't want to play alone? Why not come join me and keep each other company? Share builds, ideas, give a lending hand with automation? Sounds great, doesn't it?

The server will be online, and updated, for a good few months until Dire himself decides to end it. I've pre-paid the host months ahead!

Hosted in Germany, from the 'ServerMiner' server rack.

Server IP:

  • FTB DW20 1.18 ->

Community Discord:

Wanted to change my review.
The server is running great and always some friendly people online :)
The discord community link is really great that you wanted to make that aswell! :D
Posted 19th Jun 2022