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FTB Infinity Evolved Expert Mode - 2.2.0 - UK - 4GB - No whitelist

IP is or make sure to use the full ip with the port.

This is a server aimed to provide an experience similar to what you would find on the forgecraft server. The world has been live for just over a week so the world is still largely unexplored, nobody is way ahead and it would be nice to get our numbers up.

Server rules:

Nothing is banned or restricted, just be responsible with what you choose to build and where.

no pvp unless agreed.

Dont lag the server (keep chunk loading and loaded entities to a minimum).

Dont grief/steal/build around other peoples bases, claim chunks with ftb utilities.

Keep the environment tidy (no floating trees/stacks of cobble and dirt).

Only take what you need, replant in villages, nether fortresses etc.

IP is

Teamspeak IP is

Thanks, hope to see you on the server.

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