This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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DeadeyeGamingNetwork | FTB Infinity 1.3.4 | 640 sl


Hi there!

Recently we have oppened an Infinity 1.3.4 modpack server hosted in US. With friendly community on server and own TeamSpeak3 server, playing becames more fun. We have got about 10 players that are online most of the time and we are looking for fresh players from around the world to join us!
With 640 slots you can expect a place for you and your friends at any given time, with great TPS and good server memory (42GB), you will never experience any lags.
We've got economy with a shops and dedicated mining worlds (resetting weekly).

One of our players is also streaming daily on games like Minecraft, FIFA and other. Additional informations might be found on our website:

Server is public, which means there is no whitelist. Just download default 1.3.4 version of FTB Infinity and join us with provided IP address.


We require you to behave with a common sense:
Do not grief (some places may be not secured with random reasons)
Speak english when using our teamspeak or chat
Do not use glitches and bugs

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