This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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World of Viper - Wolrd of crafting and new game me



19/02/2014 - more plugins drink water bottles for hunger, and new mob drops, also a new Arena! , server moved to a new Host !!

05/01/2014 - 90+ changes to game mechanics now, new mobs spawn in the over world especially at night, Stargates works fine, and new custom drops and notifications have been added, like when people eat items 8)

19/11/2013 - 57 Custom Mob and Item Break changes! , killing dragons is rewarding like playing Zelda now..... they drop many items including stacks of arrows

18/11/2013 - Ghasts now drop Diamond Armor, you can use shears to break glass now, added oodles of new drops, changed the percentage on loot dropped from giant zombies 8), added some rare loot drops to creatures you would not normally kill in a certain way.... slight hint there.

Server IP = worldofviper.PlayAt.CH or UK BASED
Hi everyone!

We welcome any new players 8)

We have enabled

  • Factions
  • Chairs - yes you can sit down 8)
  • Lockette
  • Simplehomes up to 4 Home locations can be set
  • Time is Money - Bank located at the spawn
  • FreeTeleport /TPA (player name)
  • Fishing Plus
  • Easy Spawn /spawn
  • Stargates
  • Sign Shop 2
  • HungerGames ---- coming soon
  • More new Mobs - Including Dragons in the overworld,grim reapers, find money in the day mushrooms at night in the grass 8)
  • Custom Mob Health, you need a team now to take out dragons, ghasts are also now more of a Boss, be warned of Maniac Zombies!
  • Many More Plugins enabled

Disabled - Gravity Guns



Creepers - Daytime = Witches / Night Time = Creepers.
Slimes - Daytime = slimes Night time = Reapers.
Giants - Now drop armor sets.
Cobwebs - Drop new loot.
Gold items - Using gold swords or tools to break or kill mobs release unique custom loot.
Iron ore - Iron ingot drops now, no longer waste coal.
Grass - Breaking grass blocks now has a way of rewarding the player.
Ender Dragon - Spawn dragons in the Over world, Beacon hit with a gold pick axe will release the dragon into the world.
Cave Spider - Killed with a golden sword will reward you with an Ink sack - they do poison you after all 8)

Btw, I have not mentioned all the changes, you need to explore, kill and break your way through the world and learn a new way to play minecraft, looking at custom drops that can only be obtained by killing in a certain way and going to certain locations 8), stay tuned, adding custom content on a daily basis now......struggling to go to bed I have so much more to add.


ENDERDRAGONS - Spawn in the over world now
GHASTS - Boss status HP = 800K Diamond drops

/sethome (name)
TPA /Tpa (playername) Player to player teleporting enabled!!! 8)
now players earn money the time they spend on the server so money has its worth now 8)

Banned items Grav Guns/nukes/force wrench/turtles you can make quarry's 8)
also have enabled 3 home spawn points.... ie you can save to locations as a home or do /homeset loot 8) for creating a point in an abandoned mine maybe 8)

also /spawn works 8)
our priority is protection of peoples land and items 8)

all we ask is have fun!

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