This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Feederville - Direwolf20 - Grief Protection

Portal Room - Custom Mining Age & More
Server Bank - Exchange ore for server currency!
Player operated mall!

Welcome to Feederville

Feederville is a Direwolf20 PVP server running on a brand new dedicated server (24/7). This server has the latest processors and tons of ram. Daily server maintenance insures lag free gaming and new features. We have few item bans, but if something is abused the staff will take appropriate action. Use common sense. We do not tolerate griefing or exploits.

Server Info


  • Mining Age!
  • Portal room with access to different worlds & Mystcraft ages!
  • Few Bans! (Abusers will be banned from the server)
  • Vote daily for money and a chance to win a random
    item, anything from rare ores to a Resonate Energy Cell!
  • Refer a friend for cash and diamonds!
  • Hats!
  • Morphs! (Including flying morphs)
  • Grief Protection
  • Player Shops/Player Mall
  • Essentials (All the commands you know and love like /tpa, /home, /back)
  • & More!

We are looking to hire additional mods/helpers.
However, we select staff based on how active and helpful you are.

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