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Ample Gaming | Infinity Evolved | 80 Slots | 24/7


Ample Gaming presents our FTB Infinity Evolved server! We have dedicated server hardware for maximum performance so you can join and play without worries or errors! We believe that a server should be easy to join and play pretty much immediately and we are proud to say that we follow that rule! Join and head right into playing!

Claim a plot with our awesome GriefPrevention plugin!
As soon as you enter the survival world, in your (/kit starter) you receive a Golden Spade. This is used to claim your area! When you yield the spade you are given a link to teach you how to use the plugin! It's that easy!

Have fun on our server!


Banned Items:
None so far!

Server Specs:
Intel Xeon E5-1630v2 @ 3.70Ghz
8GB DDR4 2133Mhz ECC RAM
Unlimited SSD Storage for World Space
1 Gbps Uplink for no interruptions!

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