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Welcome to our post, we are YonTekk an experienced 1.4.7 FTB Ultimate server, with good plugins, we are adult run and owned, we have very responsible staff that respect players rights and will never insult you or cause you problems.

We have had problems in the past, but we have pulled ahead as we always will, we hope you join us in our server for we have spent our time blood and sweat into putting this server together and tweaking it so that there is no bugs and everyone has the smoothest experience possible.

We will provide you with a list of plugins, and we are always open to reccomendations and we love it when people decide to reccomend a plugin for us. We have a full list of plugins here:
ChestShop: We have an entire shop selling all items
ClearLagg: Lagg removing plugin
Essentials: Every server has it, so why shouldn't we have it?
PermissionsEx: Ranking plugin
Questioner: Works with Towny
Towny: Grief Preventing plugin, economy based
Vault: Links plugins together
iConomy: Economy plugin
mobcash: Get money from killing mobs (WORKS WITH HORSES TO!)

So hope you join and enjoy our server, but as always, our server has some very easy and user friendly rules you have to obey, breaking a rule will result in action taken by how severe the case is.
Do NOT disrespect staff, there choice is final
Do not be mean or disrespect other players
Raiding/griefing is NOT allowed
No spamming or advertising other servers in global or message
Keep swearing to a minimum

Thats it, thats all we have to say so far, please check back to the post regularly as we will be updating the server in future.
Make sure to leave a like, favourite and even a diamond as it helps the server grow.

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