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Algurts Fun House


Hello! After a long time, I have decided to open up a new server on FTB. The server has been running for some time so do not expect a small skill gap between players. Details are as follows

-Version 2.5.0

-Difficulty: Hard(Early game is tough but endgame was a little too easy)

-No banned items(This may change)

-Normal not expert


-Discord: (Post something if you need a different type of invite)

-New York Server Location

-Our reddit page(If you need it or whatnot):

Coming Soon

-Please do not troll hardcore. Meaning do not deliberately act like a dumb ass. Its funny to a point

-Please do not build outside of spawn, if you do you are building at your own risk

-Do not troll hard in spawn either

-Please do not argue with an admin (Blah Blah I know, but like really if there is a problem with an admin tell ME first before you yell at an admin)

-If you are exploiting the game in any way, an admin may or may not halt or alter your exploit (Not encouraged to exploit)

-No spawn killing (Stupid rule but I must specify)

-Don't be a "Mega Dick" (Make the server so unplayable for someone they want to leave)

-Claiming chunks is allowed. However do not go overboard with claiming everything. If your claimed chunks become a problem and an admin asks you to remove your claim. Remove it. Else he is allowed to remove ALL of your claimed chunks

SIDE NOTE: As no items are banned, this can change at any point and time. However advanced notice will be given before this happens

SIDE NOTE 2: As no rules can be made up on the spot, admins are allowed to interpret the rules how they see fit. If things become too problematic, my decision is the absolute finale decision


Please comment down below or in our discord chat your thoughts and a little bit of info about yourself so that you may be added to the whitelist. Like knowledge on FTB, fav mod, username. That kind of stuff

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