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Nexus Reloaded


We're currently running the FTB Infinity Pack for Minecraft 1.7.10.

Our server was formed as a place to just have fun and enjoy being a part of a community of players just playing together. We believe in players not being constantly harassed about voting or worry about being griefed and annoyed by others.

Nexus reloaded was started out as a bunch of friends having fun, and we hope to have more people join us!
We're a no-grief server, meaning you don't have to worry about someone breaking your base or stealing your items. However there are always people out there who want to break rules. And if that happens we have active Guardians (admins) who serve to protect the players on the server from theft and griefing if it does happen. As players who have been on servers with inactive or uncaring staff we know how important it is to look out for the community and ensure that everyone is happy and able to enjoy playing.

Some of the plugins we run in addition to the amazing mods FTB Infinity has includes:


TimeIsMoney - This plugin counts the number of minutes you are actively playing (not standing idle) and pays you for it! This encourages active players so that more people are online to play with!

MCJobs - This is a way to gain currency by mining specific vanilla ores such as iron, gold, coal, redstone, and others. The more you mine, the higher rank you get, the more you get paid! This also encourages players to be active on the server!


Towny - Towny is used to create your own town that is completely protected from outsiders. Unless someone is apart of your town, they can't do anything! They can't even pick up dirt! The server is currently offering a free town size of 15 chunks for a limited time! So join now and claim your free town!

LWC - Allows you to lock your chests, machines, and doors from outsiders interacting with them.

Prism - Prism allows all players to see who has interacted with certain blocks. It also allows admins to do rollbacks of certain areas in case of large greifing or thefts.

So come on, hang out with us, make new friends, and most of all.....enjoy the game!

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