This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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No Babies Unleashed


No Babies Unleashed is a FTB Unleashed 1.5.2 server featuring no admin! It's a complete free for all!

We always run the latest version of the modpack. As of today 11/21/2013 (Thursday) that will be version 1.1.7 so make sure you have that set so that you can connect.

Also make sure you enable all modpacks!

Also installed for your pleasure are Fihgus Mods for Protection and Teleport and therefore the following commands: /home /sethome /spawn /back /setwarp /warp /summon /lock /unlock /share /unshare

What does that all mean? For one there is no need of an admin as you can use any of those to get your own ass out of a jam and to set many points of interest and get yourself back and forth to all of them with the greatest of ease. Also you can use the /summon command to request others to be teleported to you. And using the /lock and /share commands you can lock for your own access an area of your choosing and share it with whomever you like or not.

Furthermore while we might solicit donations on our website, we have no cause for it and there is no incentive for you to do so unless you want to do it. Not only because we got a great deal on our server but also because of that wonderful mod.

Stay up to date with all of the latest information on our website at

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