This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Golden Sands

Golden Sands - FTB Beyond


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This server is full of many helpful admin and staff that are always willing to help at any time. This server has allowed me as a player to have a great time, meet a great group of people, and learn a lot about the new mods introduced in Beyond. I would DEFINITELY recommend joining this server.
Posted 11th Apr 2017
Spent 3 months on the server and I dearly love it, The staff and owners really truly care about their server and their players. Time and time again they have proven this up to and including pulling all nighters.
This is an exciting new pack and a lot of fun. The map today isn't even 2 weeks old a great time to be joining. The donation packs are nice and quality and the server builds are very nice. I have also found a great many adults on the server and all around great players
Posted 31st Mar 2017
Goldensands is one of those servers that has a really good feel to it, the whole staff team is amazing (I know every server says that about their staff, but we actually mean it here, 0 bullshit, as a player POV the staff is great, everyone says it!)
Goldensands also has 2 devs named Shawnothan and ShortCircuit908.
Shawnothan mainly focuses on goldensands-only crafting recipes like the creative items such as the creative power generators (they do have an insanely hard recipe, it'd take a long long long time to craft one, it'd also force you to do mods that you hate.)

TL;DR the server is great, you should join now. for the beyond server for the infinity evolved server for the infinity expert server
Posted 29th Mar 2017