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EVGaming | Australia | 24-7 | Dedicated FTB Beyond


24/7 No-Griefing FTB Australian Server - Join us on Discord:

Join a great, vibrant and friendly community today! The ONLY high quality BEYOND server, and one of the most free and laid back servers where you can just be you! With no banned items, and few restrictions, play how you want!

Hosted in OUR datacenter, on OUR high-speed fiber network and on OUR dedicated server hardware, enjoy the lowest and most stable latency in the oceanic for a fun and lag free experience. Our servers are backed up daily, so our users can enjoy a fear free experience and never worry about losing their progress again! Our Up-time speaks for itself!

All players; both casual and hardcore are welcome. Play at your own pace!

Our servers are moderated by a professional team of staff who prefer to stay out of player affairs and only intervene when necessary.

Visit our website for more information:

people there are nice, no items are "banned" in the sense that some items have a limited supply to reduce lag
Posted 14th Feb 2018
this server is great, all the players are very helpful and friendly. mods are fun to play with and it creates friendship from around the world. Definitely will recommend you to play on this server.
Posted 2nd Dec 2017
The people in the server are very helpful for people who are not avid players of the modded minecraft. Nothing but support you receive from the admins and players alike.
In place to protect your stuff is a land claim chunk system that allows you to claim chunks, You build on the chunks you claim and intern people cant grief or gain access unless they friend you with in the game.

The Server is quite young and still growing and the player base is starting to grow quite well. The Overall experience thus far gave me a really good impression with the way the server is run and the people who maintain it and play it, With a week or so of playing on the server had nothing but a solid playing venture with no abrupt interruptions and peace of mind that things wont be destroyed when you log back on.

Its worth taking a look at, You wont be disappointed!
Posted 2nd Dec 2017
your sever is very fuck off. i hate CoockingWithSimon. and admin will delete your data when you kill another player
Posted 29th Nov 2017