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I currently am running a Whitelisted server and wanted people to join. My idea for the server is to have a small community who can trust each other, just like on the real Mindcrack server, with minimal amounts of plugins. I also made this server since I'm getting kind of tired of playing alone. So if your a Mindcrack fan and want a server to join thats similar with a trustful community, you've just found it.
Below are the details of the server. The ip will be given through Skype.

Server Properties

Difficulty: Normal
World Gen: Normal

Server Rules

Rules: 1.No Griefing
2.No Stealing
3.Swearing Is Tolerated
4.No farming [Will result in Ban]
5.Respect Staff
6.PvP is enabled, Don't mass kill [Will result in Ban]
7.Dont ask for op
8.No chunk loaders

This is the application form you need to fill out to be able to join

Minecraft Name:
Skype Name:
Ftb Experience:
Whats your fav Mindcracker:
Favourite creation:
Can you be respectful?:



Please send the Application form to my Skype, which is darnellsgames.
Hope to hear from you soon

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