This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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NoCompromise: A Factions/Anarchy FTB Unleashed Ser


NoCompromise: A Factions/Anarchy FTB Unleashed Server

All mods that come part of the FTB Unleashed Modpack must be enabled to play on this server. The only mods not enabled at this time is the Hats/Hat stand mod and the Vending Machine mod

This server is non-whitelisted and uses the FTB Unleashed modpack that was just released for 1.5.2. Please visit in order to download the launcher, download the FTB Unleashed modpack and join the server! Factions is enabled on the server. Personal Mystcraft Ages and Nukes are currently the only bans, but in the pursuit of PVP balance, we will be seeking out those that bypass protections or are generally overpowered and break any sort of balance for PVP.

Banned Items:
-Personal Mystcraft Ages/Link Books
-Nukes (Craftable, but their explosion value is 0)
Currently, as the server and modpack is still being tweaked, there are very little banned items. But this list will have items added to it, undoubtedly. I don't plan on adding too many more, but there are game-breaking items that need to be disallowed.

Plugins: ClearLag, CoreProtect, Essentials, WorldBorder, WorldEdit, WorldGuard

Owners: DeviousThumbz

Admins: Belmont826, Dafraz

Moderators: To apply please add belmont.thehunter777 on skype and inquire there, we currently have 3-4 spaces to fill.

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