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DarkForge Infinity Evolved Skyblock


Hey guys, just opening up our newest server that runs FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock v1.0.4. There are no banned items, it's fairly easy to get white-listed, and you can play with your friends! Everyone can make their own island and can cross-chat with anyone on any of our servers. We are also running KCauldron on the server, so we have all the essentials commands, and many other useful plugins that make the game experience greater. If you're interested in joining, check out our website:

Or here's the direct link to apply:

You can reply to this thread with feedback about the server, but don't ask for white-list in here because we won't see it. Please apply to be white-listed on the website.

We have a discord server if anyone is interested in joining us in either text or voice chat:
(Discord is kind of like teamspeak, but is much more fluid and easier to use. Also, you can run it in a web browser if you don't wish to install it).

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