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Apex Pioneer's FTB Beyond


FTB Beyond server, hosted by Apex Pioneers. Economy, Lottery, Player Shops, No Banned Items. Active Staff and Discord!
Who we are:

Apex Pioneers is a gaming community of like minded gamers. Whether it be on our dedicated servers or other multi-player games there is always gaming to be had. The hub of our community is our Discord server where we all hang out and chat about almost anything.

Our website is hosted on Enjin. It has a full set of features, including a forum, shoutbox, donation store, FTB store, and a few other bells and whistles.

We mainly use Discord to keep in touch / communicate with one another. Discord is a text chat / voice program, we typically use primarily the chat feature out of preference.

Want to know more, head over to and check out the Feed the Beast forums!

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