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Devona Gaming

Devona Gaming - MC.Eternal

pin_drop (private server)

Devona Gaming is a whitelisted modded minecraft community set up to provide a space for people who want a mature gaming environment.
The community is already established having been running for over a year.

We have an active discord with server chat availability, some lovely staff and there is always players around to talk to.

We offer 4 different modpacks currently ATM3 Remix, MC.Eternal, Trillionaire and Randomly Added Mods.
We have players of all types builders, techies and those off out to explore.

With the support of staff and our community we support players to create what they want while ensuring the server remains as lag free as possible.
We run on a dedicated server with 64GB RAM. Hosted EU

If interested feel free to join the discord and ask away!

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