This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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The Hub [PVP-Raiding-Minimal Banned items-Fresh]


Banned items include: (note that these are likely to change for the better in the future as we research the mods more)


MFR chunkloaders

Dolly's (dupe)

Excessive mob spawners (like back in the old days of Soul Shards, Most people dont have to worry about this unless they have ALOT of spawners)

Contraptions that could be detrimental to the server (chunkloaded CRAZY mobspawners)

RFtools Dimension builder (will prob change in the future due to it being able to take power)

Regular mining quarry (players dont like the world holes they make and enderquarry lag less)


English in chat

Raiding is OK

Cursing is ok within reason

Do not damage spawn

Dont beg admins for stuff

Admin word is LAW

Dont complain, This is a pvp server

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