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EpicLegion [SkyFactory 3] [Beta] [NEW]

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Server Spawn

Rules Board

Rules Board

Server Spawn

Server Spawn

Welcome to our Sky Factory 3 Server!

This server is co-founded by ExaltedWizard and ZeromaskX. Moreover, this is the first release so expect some changes! Please support us by suggesting features that you wish to be added. More importantly, use the website to your full satisfaction and enjoy your time on the server!


  1. Language: swearing and cussing are prohibited.

  2. Griefing: griefing is not allowed at all times and places.

  3. Scamming: do not scam others in any transaction.

  4. Reporting: always report bugs and glitches to earn rewards!

  5. Staff Members: always abide by what staff members tell you.

  6. Respect: respect yourself and others at all times.

  7. Ranks: do not ask for ranks unless if there is a bug.

  8. Evidence: always try to provide evidence.

  9. Spam: just don't spam, it's annoying...

  10. Abuse: do not abuse bugs, glitches, etc..

  11. Banned Items: banned items are banned for a reason.

  12. AFK: AFK machines are not allowed!

Use /is create to go to your island and start playing!!!

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