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Desolation Magic vs. Machine

Pack Code:

The IP for the server is in the pack when you launch multiplayer.
This modpack is for those looking for a challenge and balanced pvp. We created this pack to allow the user a choice between magic or guns, missles, a.k.a machines. While focusing on making it easier for the player to recover from a loss as well. Less complicated recipes and more pick up and go. With mods like Galacticraft, build your stronghold on the moon and defend it from intruders. The possibilities are endless.

We already have new packs in the works to be added to make the experience more diverse. If you stumble across a bug please report it on our forums. Thanks, and enjoy Desolation MvM.

The Mods:

Advanced Solar Panels - SeNtiMeL
Applied Energistics - AlgorithmX2
ArmorStatusHUD - bspkrs
AssemblyLine - Calclavia
AtomicScience - Calclavia
BackTools - iChun
BackPack - Eydamos
Biomse O’ Plenty - ted80
BuildCraft - SirSengir
TheBorderlandsWeaponMod - IrunoHatake
bspkrsCore - bspkrs
CodeChickenCore - chicken_bones
CoFHCore - KingLemming
DamageIndicators - rich1051414
DimensionalAnchors - Immibis
DirectionHud - bspkrs
FlatBedRock - powercrystals
Galacticraft - micdoodle8
GunCus - Stuuupiiid
WholyGunPack - wholy
IC2NuclearControl - Shedar
ICBM Contraption - Calclavia
ICBM Explosion - Calclavia
ICBM Sentry - Calclavia
Immibis Core - immibis
ImmibisMicroBlocks - immibis
IC2 - Alblaka
Inventory Tweaks - Kobata
Infernal Mobs - AtomicStryker
IronChests - cpw
Mekanism Core - Aidan
Mekanism Generators - Aidan
Mekanism Tools - Aidan
MFFS 3 - Calclavia
MineChem - ljdp
Minegicka II - Will.Eze
ModularPowerSuits - machinemuse
MPSA - powersuits addon - Andrew2448
NotEnoughItems - mistaqur
ObsidianPlates - Myrathi
Player API - Divisor
PowerCrystalsCore - powercrystals
PowerConverters - powercrystals
ProjectBench - bau5
Rei'sMiniMap - ReiFNSK
SecretRooms - AbrarSyed
SmartMoving - Divisor
StatusEffectHUD - bspkrs
StevesCarts 2 - Vswe
Thermal Expansion - King Lemming

Our rules:

This is a pvp server with guns and explosives that can wipe out your whole base. Do you understand that you can lose everything at anytime?

What you can do:
Steal anything.
Destroy bases.
Betray anyone.

What you cannot do:
Sethome inside someone elses faction home.
You cannot use 3rd party tools to gain an advantage, hacking will get you banned regardless if you donated or did not.
You cannot find ways to exploit terrain or blow up portals. Anyone found breaking portals will be instant/perma ban.
You cannot find exploits to enter force fields. We have measures in place to find out if you do. This will result in a ban.
Anyone using banned items to grief spawn, exploit or dupe will be banned.
Any form of harassment, sexual, verbal abuse, racism, stalking same person ect ect.

We reserve the right to ban at will regardless of donator status.

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