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CreeperCraft FTB


Welcome To CreeperCraft Feed The Beast.

CreeperCraft FTB is a server running on the Infinity Evolved pack. This is a Non Whitelisted server that has great, caring staff, and mature players. CreeperCraft is constantly at 20 tps no matter the amount of players online.

Check out the website!:

We have Minimal Banned items, Because we want to enjoy the game as much as the next guy and dont want to have random stuff that is banned for no reason. the only items that are banned are items that get through the grief prevention plugin, and items that load massive areas while players are offline.



No Lag
Amazing Staff
Great Donation Ranks
Mining World
Minimal Banned Items
Grief Prevention
Toggle PvP if you would like to fight for fun

But Please, Come Check it out for yourself!! I know you will love it here.

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