This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Phoenix Craft {40 Slots, PVP AND ANTI PVP ENABLED!


Welcome to Phoenix Craft
Here you can experience pretty much anything you want. With PVP enabled and a plugin for those that don't prefer it you can kill or go on your merry way. Multiple protection plugins in place to insure your safety and that you have fun during your stay. Griefing is not allowed at all and EVERY complaint or accusation will be thoroughly investigated until we are satisfied that the right decision has been made on the matter. With dedicated coders, moderators, and admins you will be insured the best experience.

The number one goal our staff members have is player service. You, as a player, have needs, and we have nothing but solutions to give you. If you have a problem, feel free to express it on the forums or in game, as long as you don't start acting immature. All the staff members have previous experience and a track record of good conduct, satisfactory experience with players.

Here's some the highlighted plugins of our server, don't forget that we are always up for suggestions. Got a plugin you saw on another server but don't see it here? Ask us! As long as it doesn't conflict we'll try our best to implement it!

MyTown: This allows you to group up with friends and make your own little community on your own. Whether you want to band up again others or simply make a private place to settle down MyTown allows you to have the grief protection and PVP protection you need! It also comes with inbuilt protections as well. Things like drills, turtles, and other diggers are now unbanned!

LWC: So you dont trust someone? Or maybe you just like having that extra security blanket. Thanks to LWC you can use commands like /cprivate and /cpassword. This will keep your valuables safe and sound. If you don't trust the plugin though, and someone steals items, don't worry staff will be there as soon as you call to resolve it.

Coreprotect: This is a big thing for staff members. When you break a block or place or even access something, it is logged by coreprotect. Staff can access these logs and ban griefers, theives, and any other person who has wronged you. These punishments will always be fair, and if they aren't please feel free to contact any admin with a PM. Your anonymity is assured.

Auto Rank: Tired of those server that require you to contact staff to level up? This plugin automatically ranks you up to the correct teir of rank depending on your amount of time played. The addition of plugins, and benefits is automatic. It also comes with rewards, personalized messages to congratulate you and broadcasts so you can tell when your buddy finally reached that rank he's been trying to get to!

You will never have to experience a rollback again. That's our garuntee! While we also have less banned items than most servers. Our list does NOT include portal guns, arcane bores, fillers, builders, TURTLES, and more!. If you want something unbanned though, please make a request and our dedicated team of admins will get right on unbanning it. Your happiness is our goal!

We are all so excited to have you here. Whether you are just staying for a little bit while you wait for another server or you are looking for a new friendly atmosphere, we welcome you with open arms. HAVE FUN!

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