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MC-Beast Direwolf20 Server


MC-Beast Beast is a Direwolf20 Server that attempts to appeal to everyone's style of game-play. There is no Whitelist so everyone is welcome. We have a couple worlds to choose from including PVP and PVE Overworlds. MC-beast includes a basic economy system, allowing you to collect IC2 credits by hunting mobs, and using them is for trading in shops at the market, as well as varies other uses cuch as buying lottery tickets, and keeping inventory on death. Grief prevention makes it almost impossible for others to grief, so remember to claim some land. MC-Beast is run off Bukkit so you will get some basic commands to optimize your feed the beast experience such as creating homes, and obtaining basic kits to help you along. If you’re interested in chatting with your friends, check out our TeamSpeak server. Donors also get extra perks such as more home, access to dense ores world and Mobarena! Check us out on
Banned Mods:

Shoulder-Mounted Pistons
Gravity Gun

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