This server has been banned from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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FTB Revelation

FTB Revelation 1.12.2 by CraftersLand



Server Features:

Grief Prevention land claim system.
Economy - Server Shops, Market and Auctions.
Maps on RAM drive for faster chunk load.
Daily Backups.
Random Spawn.
Daily and Vote Rewards.
Clans and PvP.
Server Live map (Link on the server) .
Few items banned (Link on the server) .
Hosted in Data Center in Germany
Dedicated Server Online 24/7.

Just started on this server but Im loving it so far!
IGN: toocrass
Posted 11th Nov 2018
One of the best servers,and powerfull enough to resist a lot of mods
Posted 10th Nov 2018
Toller Spielspaß mit netten Leuten!
IGN: Jakobus2205
Posted 4th Nov 2018
It is outstanding
IGN: BraveTato
Posted 4th Nov 2018
Really good server, i hope play long time :)
By Delaiza
Posted 1st Nov 2018
really good server fun and friendly
Posted 25th Oct 2018
Great Server with a good Performance.
If u are Looking for a Survival Server with a shop and great Plugins this will be your choice.

IGN: trisplp
Posted 3rd Oct 2018
Server is terrible. Upon login, you are bombarded by an improperly setup permissions system that spams the chat, and makes it difficult to leave the server, as it turns off the pause menu over and over.

Don't waste your time, look for another.
The server replied:
You probably have issues with your client, there is no way the server can cancel the game pause menu LOL
Posted 30th Sep 2018
good server like staff good ping no lag 20 stabilized

Rating 9/10

Posted 25th Sep 2018
good server with awesome staff that helps you if u have any question about the mod and there is always players active playing in all times.

Rating 8/10
Posted 24th Sep 2018
By FAR the best server I've played. Staff are fantastic the owner is quite busy but when hes free hes an absolute  amazing owner

players here are also greatly friendly and helpful to all level on players experienced or new comers.

if your looking for someone to play with ingame message me IngameName:  BionicalGaming


Thank you all staff and players of the community for providing an amazing time :)
Posted 18th Sep 2018
this sever is awsome hope you get this i hope this sever stays for along time !

Posted 27th Aug 2018
Lovely community and staffs that helps people and nice server without lags at all :)

This server is 10/10 for me. Definitely recommended

Posted 27th Aug 2018
very good server, good tps, not many items banned

Posted 1st Aug 2018
Pretty good server. The restarts, slowing down of ticks and ping can get a bit annoying though. Overall 4/5. Also requesting an update on the revelation modpack, just updated today

- c6L
Posted 18th Jul 2018
Good community, few banned/restricted items. Only problem is low TPS and frequent restarts during peak hours (3-5pm central US time), which is easily avoidable by doing something else at that time.

Posted 16th Jul 2018
A server that encourages daily plays to play the game, works well, hoping that the successes will come.
Posted 14th Jul 2018
Been on this server for about 10 hours straight. Virtually zero lag, friendly people and very helpful! - JGrambo
Posted 10th Jul 2018
A server that encourages daily plays to play the game, works well, hoping that the successes will come.
Posted 6th Jul 2018
CraftersLand servers are fast, considering how massive this modpack is (and how many players are online), the little lag is very bearable. Friendly and helpful staff.

Posted 30th Jun 2018
good staff, revelation does could use a bit more help but thanks to awesome helpers and a friendly based inside community we have a great server that is fun to play in and with the people much love <3
Posted 23rd Jun 2018
I have had a lot of trouble with servers for FTB packs, I'd honestly say 90% of them are terrible, with the rest being average. This server however broke that trend. It has a good economy, it's active, and seems pretty friendly so far. Granted it's not perfect, although the lag spikes aren't bad on their own, they do tend to happen frequently which can be annoying, but that's the only problem I really have with this server.

Posted 22nd Jun 2018
I have really enjoyed my time on this sever. The staff are very friendly and attentive, responding to queries very quickly. In addition the server is well maintained and any lag felt is only very minor and is usually ironed out shortly after an update releases.
Posted 17th Jun 2018
I just like the server, good group of people!

Posted 16th Jun 2018
Good group of people. Just what you need for a server, economy and all that.
Posted 16th Jun 2018
really good and friendly community
one of few servers that has free chunk loader
located in EU which is good for me
online admin 24/7
so little banned items
what else do you want dude? XD
account name is Roellynger btw
Posted 12th Jun 2018
good server no lag nice to play on
Posted 6th Jun 2018