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Eternity Rising


A new Feed the Beast server using the new Monster mod-pack. EternityRising is a PVP/PVE server with a stable, moderate economy that utilizes towny to protect your progress from raids and grief - although anything not townied is fair game. The server is run by not one, not two, but three owners and hand-selected staff - all of which held to high standards as their actions reflect on the quality of the server. We feature player shops as well as an admin shop, and you can even sell items in the admin shop to prevent voting from being the only way to gain money. The option to donate is ever present, though unlike most servers we do not give out OP items for donating as we wish to keep the balance as much as possible - though there are bonus commands as well as a cash bonus to each rank. We've tried to ban as few items as possible, however there are some that simply had to be until we are able to patch them. At this time mystcraft is all disabled due to either causing large amounts of lag and being severely OP. When joining, please be sure to enable all mods and whichever minimap you would prefer to use. Also download and enable Ars Magica, you can find the download link below. Once you do, hit the "edit modpack" button, then open folder and up the AM2 into the folder - no need to upzip!

Our server is now an open one, so once you join don't forget to use /kit patron when you do as we play on hard mode! The modpack is in Beta, however our server is not. We do not intend to reset the map when the modpackis in full release - the only time the map will be reset is if we have to change modpacks or in the event of a crash we cannot recover from. Neither of these are events we forsee.

All of our staff are over the age of 18, with the exception of those in the MiniMods rank. These are the younger players of our server who wanted to get involved with helping out around the server, offer help to new players, and are generally knowledgeable about the modpacks we play with. All of our staff are held to high-standards, as their actions reflect on the quality of the server. That being said, our staff are players first and they will play among the patrons just as anyone else does.

Our list of banned items as well as the server rules and any server updates can be viewed in full on our website. We are constantly working to improve the server, and hope you will stop by and join us.

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