This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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*Techniquest* A Free F-T-B Server


We now run MINDCRACK on the server, Version 4.

Techniquest is a 200 slot FTB server with minimum lag great staff and good protection plugins, We opened on the 23/12/2012 and are climbing through the voting ranks, be part of this movement of players today!

Our protection plugin uses :

  • /chunk claim - This allows our players to easily claim land so no unwanted guests can destroy or steal items.

To allow our players to play together we have added teleport commands, these have simple commands and work instantly when the target accepts.

  • /warp (name)
  • /Summon (name)

Overall our server has low lag and a fast response time, but to keep this up we have to restart the server every hour. The server restarts on the hour every hour such as - 3:00 7:00 1:00.

We have a great community on Techniquest with dedicated players and admins that enjoy helping and building. We host regular events on the server to keep enjoyment up and originality.

To allow maximum fun on the server we have only banned Nukes,Portal guns, mining lasers and non admins building Mystcraft description books. The reasons why are below:

  • Nukes - These cause major greifing and over 100 will lag the server, if people still want to mine fast they can use Tnt or Turtles.

  • Mystcraft - We tried allowing this but after 11 worlds open and people using them the server started to die so atm we have:

    • Vip + Admin world
    • Twilight Forest
    • Random made portal world
    • Normal world where spawn is
    • Nether world.
  • Portal Guns - Create lag, people bypass protections with them along with killing people from heights with them.

    • Mining lasers - Bypass protections and cause major grief.

We work to entertain our players and help them learn and grow from FTB. So come and join us!

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