This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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FTB Agrarian Skies Server - join our Feed The Beas


Advantage of the MyM Agrarian Skies Servers:

  • huge regions (+200 block radius)
  • coop - play together with up to 8 friends on one island
  • real grief protection
  • multi-rewards enabled
  • extra quests
  • PvP in the nether
  • multiple start islands to pick from
  • change biomes per chunk
  • long lifetime (we run agrarian skies from the beginning)
  • custom fixes and performance improvements
  • hosted on world class hardware for minecraft
  • level 3 backbone for low ping world wide

Agrarian Skies 2 IP's


Agrarian Skies 1 IP's


Agrarian Skies

Agrarian Skies brought a new type of modpack to minecraft. It is some sort of skyblock but with mods and questing system. Thanks to Ex Nihilo (makes skyblock with mods possible and adds bridges to other mods) and HQM (question mod with limited lives) the Agrarian Skies pack is unique. The special thing about it is, you can start with just one sapling and a dirt block from which you can build entire empires. Furthermore thanks to the hqm mod and all the quests jadedcat created for Agrarian Skies, the whole game is explained, there is nearly no need to lookup how something works on for example wikis.
If you haven't enjoyed it yet, you should, else you are missing a lot.

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