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Catalyst FTB Ultimate | No Banned Items | Open | F


Catalyst Minecraft FTB is a professionally run and hosted server. We're a friendly, but hostile (PVP!) community of players from all over the world.

We currently only have a few banned items, simply to deal with insane amounts of lag. (Book Binders, World Anchors and Chunk Loaders) As well as a few items due to server-crashes (Wireless Trackers and Auto-Enchanters)

There are zero banned items outside of those listed above. And there will never be more unless absolutely required!

We are a raiding/griefing/factions server, with full-world PVP. You're never safe... there's always a catalyst...

Server Specs:
64GB DDR3 RAM. 56GB Dedicated to Minecraft only!
Intel Xeon E5-1650 @ 3.2GHz (6 cores, 12 processors)
2x 120GB SSDs (mirrored)
2x 2TB SSDs (mirrored)
1gbit internet connection

We have done quite a few optimizations (including running Spigot to make use of more CPU power) to ensure there is minimal lag, even under the heaviest loads. We're averaging about 19.3 TPS with 40 players online (that means no machine lag), and next to zero lag overall. (There are spurts, as any server may have, especially when someone's setting off those 50 nukes!) We work constantly to improve performance, and overall gameplay. This does mean however, that sometimes we will have to take the server down for a short period of time to apply updates, or patches to the server itself. We will never do this "out of the blue" and will always give a heads-up before we do anything major. As with any software though, there's always a chance that things may go down without notice. Unfortunately, we can't always solve the problem immediately. Anybody who claims they can, is just lying to you. We will however, never just "leave" the server in a dead state for long.


Little to no lag
Very high Uptime
Friendly Community (when you're not being raided!)

Come join us in the hunt for... everyone else!

Note: Our moderators are capable of fixing nearly any in-game problem you may have. They do not however, have access to the server itself (behind the scenes). We will never let someone "have power" if they don't know what they're doing with it. This means; we only accept mod applications from people with proven knowledge of FTB and Minecraft, and running servers. Above all else, staff are players too. Expect to get raided by a mod or admin from time to time. (Note: We have demoted/banned staff members for abusing powers. There is a zero tolerance policy for it.) Some of our staff have special exclusions (MFFS exceptions) and will never be allowed to raid, or interfere with players, outside of rule enforcement.

Owner: ApocDev

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