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The Only Funky Beast Server [FTB] [Direwolf20] [MC


The Only Funky Beast Server!

This server is part of a much larger Community called Sheep on Fire. You can visit the website here: . This website will give you most of the required information that you need to join. If you wish to skip straight to The Only Funky Beast server forum section then clickhere:
example link.

Getting onto the information that should grab you into the server. Please read all of the information below.

The Owner [Me] has over 1 year experience with being a server owner, and over 2 years of being op/Admin on other servers. This means that the server will be up 99% of the time. The only time it will be down is for updates or adding new plugins. The Head Admin [Krakas] also has access to the console so he can also deal with any problems. Having two people actively checking on the status and performace of the server really does help with the happiness of the server.

The other Admins on the server are fully qualified with both the Mods and Plugins on the server. We at The Only Funky Beast [TOFB] do not make it easy for people applying for Admin or even Mod, and people applying have to go through thorough testing to make sure they are skilled enough for the job. They also need to have a mental test and Skype interview to make sure they are capable with dealing with people demands. They also go through a scenario, which is given an overall score out of 50.

As you can see from the main information, the server has 36 slots and can easily handle it. There are rules on this server and they can be found here. The main rule which people will be looking out for is that there is NO PVP/ GRIEFING.

There are only a couple of banned mods. These are: Twighlightforest, Portal guns.

There are always staff members online and if there aren't please don't be afraid to create a thread in the support section of the website.

The server runs MCPC+ so all the plugins installed work with the mods. For instance, we have the ChestShop plugin on the server. Meaning that you can buy and sell your mod items using the current iConomy currency of Nuggets. [We have chosen Nuggets as it is not biased towards a Country or Continent. We try to be as multicultural as possible]

Talking about plugins, we have these plugins installed: All of the Essentials Plugins, Groupmanager (Handles the groups such as [Owner] or [Member]), Factions, ChestShop, WorldEdit [Ultra/Supreme Donators gain access to this], iConomy,Multiverse [Portals and Core]

All the current members on the server are extremely helpful and happy for new people. They should be happy to introduce them into their Faction.

A note on how to get the Member rank on the server. You need to sign up at the main server website, which can be found above.

I would love to see you on the server sometime, if you see me on Funky_Nugget, tell me that you found this server through this website.


*Funky_Nugget/Sam. (PS, there will be a banner being created soon.)

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