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Proof Minecraft Build Server


Explore to the segment named "Set Custom Precedents" Hostname: Set a name for your worker IP (NOT your planned Minecraft worker space). So in the event that you need a custom area for your worker like At that point set an arbitrary hostname for your An or CNAME record like "myserver". IP Address/Domain: Fill in the IP Address of your Minecraft worker. Record Type: Set this to "A RECORD". (In the event that your worker address is certifiably not a crude IP, for example, "" you need to utilize a CNAME record rather than A record) .(Significant! In the event that you add a CNAME record, your additional location ought to have a period added as far as possible or it won't work. For instance: "") TTL: This field can be set to whatever whole number (right away) you pick. Setting the TTL to 1800 methods you'll have to sit tight for 30 minutes for the record to begin working completely.

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