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Dedicated server specs-2x128GB SSD, 32GB RAM, 3.4GHZ Intel E3-1245v2 quad core (8thread) cpu, fibre optic network

We have many great plugins and a very stable and high performance server with a average TPS of 20.00 (margin of error 0.13%).

We also have many great features and lots more to come. We are always working on improving in any way we can.

This is a several month old server run by highly experienced staff and the best anti grief plugins available.

Here we care about the community like no other server, we will change almost anything to popular demand, even add plugins with respective permissions for the community.

We have many ranks and custom plugins to make them so much better, ranks for donators AND non-donators available with over 150+ commands already added to them.

IMPORTANT- when you join you will have to /register (password) then /login (the password you registered with). This is to keep cracked players from logging in as staff.

We have community built spawns which we change frequently to random locations in the world to give new players easy resources when they join, even after the server has been public for a while.
(sends you in a 10million by 10 million area, no griefer will ever find you)

We greatly accept donations and they help the server a lot; however we do have our own money and WILL NOT shut anytime soon simply because nobody donated that month.

We are Premium/Cracked(Secure with custom plugins)/Bukkit (fully functional with custom plugins)/ and are FTB Ultimate 1.1.2.

YES we are both creative and survival! use /warp creative and /warp world to go between the worlds!

We look forward to seeing you, -Mr_Gavitt

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