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Be Creative

Be Creative

Explore your creativity with other builders...


Catch, Fight, and Explore... Gotta Catch 'Em All!
Ultimate Reloaded

Ultimate Reloaded

Build your tech empire...


Survive with your friends on this hardcore pack...
Sky Adventures

Sky Adventures

Expand your empire from tree to chicken master!


Thank you for visiting us at our Minecraft Servers on

We are a small community that enjoys gaming with all types of people and prefer an exceptional
Minecraft experience over a high player count.
We host multiple servers and mods including Continuum, Stoneblock 2, Ultimate Reloaded, Sky Adventure, and Pixmalon.
Admins and Moderators are always present to help you with anything you may be struggling with
and constant maintenance is performed to ensure your gaming pleasure and continued satisfaction.

We do not offer any paid Services or accept donations. Our Servers house a fair, equal, and
friendly environment for all players.

We offer free chunk loaders to players.

Space is limited in our network to increase the quality of our services.

Try out our server and help make it become a better home for everyone. We would love to hear
your feedback and continue to improve our servers.

Join our Lobby at


Ultimate Reloaded 1.2.0 =
Continuum 1.6.0 =
Sky Adventures 1.4.0 =
Stoneblock 2 1.8.0 =
Pixelmon 7.0.1 =
All The Mods 5.11.2 =

love the uptime and fun people to play with
Posted 18th Feb 2019
I'm a terrible reviewers but this server is one of the best out there. What shines here compare to others is their staff team. Attentive, focused and helpful with problems. If you wanting to enjoy with friends or being alone they will make you feel welcomed here and the discord they have is really good. Also they have great memes and other games to hang out with! See you in-game :D
Posted 15th Feb 2019
This is one of the most friendly and lag free servers I have ever played on. Within seconds of logging on the amazing and attentive staff greeted me and offered to help me learn anything I have issues with. I was blown away! Every single player on here is friendly and amazing to play with. I loved this server so much I invited all my personal friends to play on here with me. We now have a city set up. I have never experienced lag of any sort. Seriously this owner must have a space ship server because it runs so smoothly! If you are looking for a fun and active community, then look no further! This is the only network I will ever play on ever again!! They even offer free chunkloaders for every player! The staff does not ban items they just fix issues with them instead. I can not say enough good about this server. You just have to try it for your self. I can't wait to see you on here!
The server replied:
We are glad you are enjoying our servers, please let us know if there is anything we can bring to the table to make it better!
Posted 14th Feb 2019