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Cloudcrux: Horizons


Come a new and ripe community looking to grow! We've just released a new Modpack server in correlation. Come join us! We have a well-developed and well structured server to kick off, but all we're missing are the players! Help us populate the server, we reward those who also vote for us with diamonds and in-game money. You also get a good Starter pack when you join, a Metallurgy Silver Armor/Tool kit with a Backpack and some Agricultural foods, to get a taste of some of the mods included in the modpack.


  • Custom /HELP page for much more ease in figuring out all of the commands needed for optimal playing.
  • OnTime to award players who vote and continually play on the server, lucky ones will get 1000XP for voting!
  • Chestshop to be established for custom player shops.
  • GlobalMarket for a ridiculously easy way to sell your items, no sign placing or anything, simple GUI!
  • Fe Economy, for an appealing and good Economic plugin.
  • Choose whether you want to PVP or not! Just do /PVP to toggle!
  • mcMMO, only uses vanilla items at the moment, will be fixed soon!
  • GriefPrevention to protect your bases from griefers!
  • And much more plugins to mess with!


  • Don't spam nor use excessive caps or foul language.
  • Don't beg for any items, or for anything in general.
  • Don't grief others, this is a non-grief server.
  • Don't build near spawn, spawn border is 15,000.
  • Don't cheat/exploit under any circumstances.
  • Don't leave your common sense behind.
  • Do have fun.

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