This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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25 spots

Has protection plugins

no banned items,

Have ee3
ropes +
mutant creatures as well

download the mods and install them with FTB launcher

Server is getting BIG now, more can join and have heaps fun, make your own world and live in it if you want !!!!!!!!

Have fun

Commands are below
Players can lock a block or an area, so only himself and who he choose to share it with may edit/use that block/area.
use /lock to lock.
and /share to share.
use /setregion to lock an area
Note that if you /lock a chest, only the block you locked is lock. others can still open that chest by right clicking on the other block the chest has, so lock both block!
setregion – Allows locking of a region. Use the command, then click the bottom corner block then the diagonal opposite top block to create the region in a cube.
delregion – deletes the set region
listregion – lists all region names
lock – Locks any block in game, Use the command then right click the block. Eg a chest.
unlock – Unlocks a locked block. Use the command and then right click the block to unlock it.
listlock – Lists all locked blocks
share [Region Name]- shares a locked block with another player. Use the command and right click the block to share it, if region name is given, it will share that region with the given player.
unshare [Region Name]- unshares the locked block with another player

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