This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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CFG Skyfactory

CFG Skyfactory 3.0.8


What We Offer

  • Minimal banned & restricted items
  • and fun and respectful staff
  • We now also have sponge it is currently getting set up with more things
The people seem nice enough. But the Moderators abuse their power. I was banned within minutes because when a moderator asked if I will be nice to players, i responded with: I will decide myself *Or something like that*. Moderators kick you for not being "nice" and speaking your mind...
The server replied:
You were being mean to other players i asked you to be nice to other players you said you will be as nice as you want and i asked if you were sure so as a warning for not being nice i kicked you and then asked you if you were going to be nice now and you still said you will be as nice as you wish so in your response and with complaints that you were being rude to players and arguing with staff on being nice to players i banned you to avoid you being mean to my player base here at carbonfibergaming we care about our players and don't take kind to people being mean to our players so since you did not wish to be respectful you are banned good day to you and good luck on your adventures
PS. im wolf owner of carbon fiber gaming
Posted 8th Jan 2017
I enjoyed playing on this server today. I was able to talk with the server admins on team speak for most of the day. The new pack is fun, and challenging. I did not have any problems with connection or lag.
Posted 8th Jan 2017
All around good Skyfactory 3 server like that you can tp to others, that you have a protection from others greifing, the staff that i seen when i was on were nice, and really liked that when i needed help i could ask in chat, Teamspeak , discord or even on the website
Posted 8th Jan 2017