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[2.7.1] PGN : Infinity Evolved



Where your adventure begins
The Marketplace

The Marketplace

Create your own store and trade with other players
All Hail the Giant Octopus

All Hail the Giant Octopus

May his tentacles forever be mildly erotic

Here on PGN's Infinity Evolved server, you'll find an exciting selection of over 150 mods, an active staff team and a vibrant community. With a modpack this large, lag is always a concern: so we work hard to minimise it for an enjoyable experience. We try to keep banned items to a minimum, and are always working to unban more. Battle for technology, power, or complete domination - the world is waiting for you.


  • AutoRank ranking system
  • Active and stable economy
  • 1 RFTools dimension per player
  • Bonus voting rewards


[1] No hacked clients or malicious mods
[2] Do not exploit bugs or glitches, report them!
[3] No offensive language in chat, swearing IS allowed
[4] Don't advertise, spam, beg, whine, panhandle or disturb chat
[5] Don't use mining world items in the overworld
[6] Don't circumvent safe zones, such as the mining world
[7] Don't unfairly PVP (e.g. tp-killing, logging, puppets etc.)
[8] Be respectful to all players, no matter their rank
[9] Staff word is final, report any issues to them

Banned Items:

View the banned items on our website at:

Honestly, if it was dedicated (lagless), i'll go on it. but after 10min playing, tha lag arrased me. this server have a really great potential.
The server replied:
Our server does run on a dedicated machine - though, just like any other, we can suffer lag during peak periods (and work hard to keep it down).
Posted 5th Mar 2017