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We use a customized Modpack - Not a public one

The website and forums are work in progress. You may encounter bugs or/and missing modules.
We are sorry for any inconveniences.

Server Address/IP:
Versions: 1.10.2

The server is up and running but will be resetted on Friday or Saturday.

Plugins: LuckPerms (No Guest block-breaking) + Ranks, GriefPrevention (Claim your Land), Project Worlds
(Portals+Farmworld), Nucleus (/home and /spawn command)

Mods: You will find a full list of Mod in our Forums (wip)
If you favorite Mod is missing, contact us on

How to join our server:

Already decided to join us ? Write an Email and let us now to get Member permissions !

Minecraft Name:
When do you want to start ?

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