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StilleVande's RLCraft 2.7 PvP Server


We are a small community looking for players.

OS: CentOS 7.7 x64
Procs: 2x E5 Series Xeon processors @ 3.20Ghz, total 12 cores
Memory 12G ECC Reg RAM
Storage: 4x146G 15K SAS drives set RAID 10

Not the biggest nor the best server out there horsepower-wise, but it is all privately owned, so there is no rental for the server. Players will have no fear of losing their hard work due to lack of funds from the host.

About the server
We are a medium sozed community driven server, with the intention of giving players the freedom to build whatever they would like to. But it won't be easy to do, since the server is a survival server. Along with being a survival server, we are also a PvP server.

We have very basic rules here:
1) Use the Golden Rule here, and you will be fine.
2) No griefing, I think we all know why.
3) Respect other peoples builds.
4) Just use common sense.

Take your shoes off, stay for awhile.

Come join us!

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