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Welcome Eternal Guardians!


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We are a PvP and Raiding server. This means that you can be actively attacked outside of Spawn and protected warp regions without warning by other players, items are not kept on death, and your base is free game to anyone who can find it and penetrate its defenses. That said, there are many mods and plugins available to help players get started and defend their base.

We have a friendly staff with knowledge and experience on how PvP/Raiding servers work that are more than happy, willing, and able to help players learn and understand the mod pack and how to go about securing themselves a comfortable base with lots of fancy machines, supplies, and defenses.

We are brand new, so the whole world is up for grabs!

We have a very, VERY small amount of banned items. Essentially, anything that can bypass spawn's protections are banned outright so that they can't be used to grief spawn. Anything else that's either an essential or major part of the mod pack that can break spawn, but can be stopped without outright banning them, will simply be confiscated when going to or near spawn. With that said, please check out our rules in-game to see that list.

We use Factions as our default claim and basic protection plugin. It's an extremely easy-to-use plugin that allows chunk claiming, group allying and enemy-making, and creating a name for yourself.

If this kind of server is something you're looking for, then come on over and give us a try!

Awesome Server... yes its PVP but protection seems to be available.. and it was a great group of users.. loving it.. fun pack too! aug 2019
Posted 13th Aug 2019