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BoomCraft, a server that you can truly have freedom in what you do. The server is on FTB Infinity Evolved. If you aren’t sure what FTB is, FTB stands for Feed The Beast. We have towny enabled and it’s PvE. This is a survival based server so fight your way to the top to be king or queen either in a sly mischievous way or battle it out and be gory. Build glorious castles or little bungalows to get what you need to survive. Go mining in the Deep Dark to get supplies, but be careful, there might be a zombie, creeper, or skeleton watching your every move. We are currently looking for staff members so please feel free to email or message us on Skype (xZOMBIOHAZARDx) giving us a short description of why you think you would be a great fit for being a staff member.

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